130 gearbox with heatsink

130 gearbox with heatsink

Model No.︰FG-GBN-130

Brand Name︰FEIGAO

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Weight:28g/0.99oz include spinner
All Aluminum bracket with heatsink fin.

Gearbox shaft size:4mm
Pinion fit for 130 series motor with 2.3mm shaft size.

Specifications︰ Model /Secondary /Gear /Main pinion/ Gear rate
A : M0.4x60T M0.4*28T 60T/28T=2.14
B : M0.4x62T M0.4*26T 62T/26T=2.38
C : M0.4x64T M0.4*24T 64T/24T=2.67
D : M0.4x66T M0.4*22T 66T/22T=3.00
E : M0.4x68T M0.4*20T 68T/20T=3.40
F : M0.4x70T M0.4*18T 70T/18T=3.90
G : M0.4x72T M0.4*16T 72T/16T=4.50
H : M0.4x74T M0.4*14T 74T/14T=5.28
I : M0.4x76T M0.4*12T 76T/12T=6.30

Advantages︰ All aluminum bracket with heatsink. Good for brushless motor installation.